Service Providers

Service providers are subject to change without notice and Cordillera Ranch and its affiliates do not warrant or represent the quality of services provided by these companies.  All utilities are underground, which is unique in a large acreage estate community, but it serves to preserve the beautiful landscape that has attracted us all.


Water: The original phases of development provided lots served by individual water wells. More recent phases of development include a central water system with water source from Canyon Lake as part of GBRA’s Western Canyon Regional Pipeline.  GBRA is the retail operator of the Cordillera Ranch Water Distribution System (“GBRA / CR WDS”).  All lots except for those in Units 1-14 and Units 101-103 are served by the GBRA / CR WDS.


Sewer: The original phases of development provided lots served by individual septic tanks (installed and maintained by lot purchaser). In 2007, Cordillera Ranch constructed a wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system (the Water Recycling Center) to serve some of the future phases of development. Effluent from the treatment plant is re-used as irrigation for the golf course.  All lots except those in Units 1-14 and Units 101-104 are connected to the Water Recycling Center.


Gas: Lots in the Clubs Village (including Di Lusso and Summit Pass) have central propane gas utility service provided by Alliant Gas’ community propane system.   Having easy access to this clean energy source is a valuable feature and allows for energy cost savings in your home appliances.  To learn more about why community gas systems are better than individual tanks and why propane gas is a great energy source, click here.



Telecom: GVTC is the full-service communications provider for Cordillera Ranch. GVTC Fiber-To-The-Home technology provides the fastest Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, crystal-clear TV, superior phone service, and reliable security monitoring. With GVTC’s SpeedSync™,  you’ll get up to 100/100 Mbps download and upload speeds – speeds the big cable companies just can’t match. Fiber optics technology ensures your home can be upgraded easily with future enhancements.

Public Service Information:

Elected Officials

Kendall County Judge, Gaylan Schroeder – (830) 249-9343, ext. 210
Kendall County Commissioner Precinct #2, Gene Miertschin – (830) 249–9343, ext. 315
For emergencies – 911

Non-Emergency Numbers

Kendall County Sheriff – (830) 249-9721
EMS – (830)249-3721
Kendall County Rural Fire Association – (830) 249-3721
Bergheim Volunteer Fire Department – 911