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Cordillera Ranch Visitors Center

  • This resource is available to you to assist in showing your client what Cordillera Ranch is all about. Located at the main Cordillera Ranch entrance off of Highway 46, the Visitors Center provides you a place to meet clients, show maps and get any questions answered about club membership or anything about the community.
  • You have access to our maps, plats, copiers, conference rooms, community knowledge and over 100 years of collective real estate experience. In addition, we can give you all the information you need about developer listings (which aren’t on MLS) as well as updates on all future offerings.
  • Let us help you verify correct lot numbers, property lines and lot corners.
  • All new spec homes are listed with our office so we can help you with floor plans, photos, lot plans, builder information and other information related to each home.
  • We are open seven days a week from 9AM until dusk.

Frequently Asked Questions


If I bring a client to the Visitors Center to request help from the Cordillera Ranch sales staff, does it affect my commission?
Your commission is in no way affected if you bring in a client and get help from our sales staff. Just be sure to register your client with us prior to your visit or upon your arrival.


Do I have to be with my client when they visit Cordillera Ranch?
No, with proper registration in advance of your client’s visit to Cordillera Ranch, you will be protected as the registered agent and will receive the same commission you would if you accompany your client.


Can I use the club facilities (golf, dining, etc.) when I’m with clients?
Debbie Pepper (Director of Membership Sales) can arrange for you to use the facility with clients. Contact her in advance at 830-336-9000 or and she will be happy to assist you.


How do I know which properties listed in Cordillera Ranch have a membership available with them?
If you are uncertain about the membership availability with any property, please contact Debbie Pepper and she can verify availability.


Can a seller and buyer of property in Cordillera Ranch transfer the membership directly between them?
No, all memberships must be transferred back to the club and then reissued to the new buyer of property.


How long am I protected with a registered client?
180 days from the date of registration.


If I bring in a client to buy a lot, is there a time limit that requires when they must build a home?
No, there is no requirement as to when a lot owner must build on their lot.


Is Cordillera Ranch on a central water and sewer system or is each lot served by individual well and septic?
Both. Some areas of Cordillera Ranch are on a central water and sewer system and some are served by individual well and septic at each lot.


Does my client have to use one of the Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builders to build their home?
No. However, all builders must be approved by the Cordillera Ranch Architectural Review Committee. Contact the Visitors Center for a list of current builder requirements.

Hosting an Open House in Cordillera Ranch

1. Contact Cordillera Ranch Visitors Center at 830-336-3570 or at least
72 hours in advance of hosting an open house.

2. Provide date, times and address of open house

3. Create a flyer for your event including the following information:
• Directions or a map from the main entrance of Cordillera Ranch (Hwy 46) to the location
• Gate access code – this will be provided to you by Cordillera Ranch
• Your contact information
• Times of the open house

4.  Drop off flyers at the Guard House on the day of the open house.  We recommend at least 40 flyers

5.  Direction signage to your open house will be provided and erected by Cordillera Ranch the day of your open house.

The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch

  • Contact our Director of Membership Sales, Debbie Pepper (direct line 830-336-3544), at the Clubhouse for any questions regarding club membership or email at:
  • The Club’s offerings will be explained as well as membership details specific to each level of membership available.
  • Your clients have the opportunity to experience all of the club facilities. Just set up an appointment in advance of your visit with Debbie Pepper. Remember that you are not selling a property in Cordillera Ranch, it’s a lifestyle.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MASTER AND CONDITIONAL MEMBERSHIPS. We sometimes find that buyers purchase their property and only after closing do they find out it does not include a right to a Master Membership.  It’s very important that your client understand the difference between a Master and Conditional membership before showing them properties.
  • Availability of membership with each property could be different and we can verify and explain what type of membership is available and how the transfer of membership between the buyer and seller will work.
  • Go to the Club Membership page to learn more about memberships.


  • If you have a client who you think might be interested in property in Cordillera Ranch, just register your client and you are protected as the registered agent for up to 180 days from the date of registration.
  • When you bring in a client for questions, help with developer lots or information about the Clubs of Cordillera Ranch it DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR COMMISSION IN ANY WAY.
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