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Texas Hill Country

What is the Texas Hill Country?

Cordillera Ranch is in the heart of the region known as the Texas Hill Country, a 14,000-square-mile area northwest of San Antonio and southwest of Austin.  This region more resembles the rolling hills of the Napa Valley than it does the tumbleweed-strewn deserts of familiar western iconography.  Unbeknownst to many outside the state, the unique character and beauty of the Hill Country are second to none.  And as more and more visitors come to the area, word of its appeal is spreading.  With all of the adventurous activities, the New York Times named the Texas Hill Country as the number one place to visit during the summer.


Why the Texas Hill Country is unique?

The region is home to many picturesque small towns like Boerne (pronounced Bur-nee), steeped in the history of their original German settlers.  Boerne features a variety of locally owned restaurants, bed and breakfasts, antique shops and boutiques.  The Hill Country, more so Kendall County, offers a great climate and an educated workforce.  The Boerne Independent School District is home to the most highly acclaimed schools in the area.

Boerne is also an ideal distance from San Antonio and a pro-business atmosphere that is attractive to new businesses and economic growth.  The positive impact of a rising educated workforce, enduring population growth, relatively low unemployment and the 8th highest per capita income in the state of Texas boasts well for the continued success of the area.

The beautiful scenery of the Hill Country lends itself to the perfect country drive or bike ride, and the area’s diverse landscape offers a myriad of outdoor sports and activities.  The region is dotted with state parks and natural areas where visitors can explore and enjoy bird and/or bat watching, spelunking, camping, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking and more. Some nearby attractions include:  Lost Maples, Enchanted Rock, Garner State Park & Guadalupe River State Park.

The Guadalupe River, a crystal clear, spring-fed waterway that runs along the northern border of Cordillera Ranch and meanders throughout the Hill Country, offers many recreational opportunities including tubing, swimming and kayaking.  For the fishing fanatic, the Guadalupe is also one of the top 100 streams recognized for rainbow and brown trout fishing. Residents of Cordillera Ranch can take full advantage of all that this beautiful river has to offer The River Club and outfitter, as well as the 60-acre private, riverside park.

In the spring and summer, residents of the Hill Country enjoy festivals to celebrate the abundant offerings of locally-grown peaches (the leading deciduous fruit crop of the Hill Country); countrysides of native wildflowers; lavender from the first commercial lavender farm in the state; and the harvesting of grapes for the latest vintage of wine…the Hill Country has more than 20 local wineries and vineyards with tastings and tours available throughout the area (  Other local crops include Texas pecans, strawberries, melons, apples and many more.

We invite you to come experience the lifestyle that Cordillera Ranch offers. There is simply nothing else like it in the Hill Country…or maybe on earth.

Cordillera Ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and is away from city life, yet close enough to the comforts of everyday luxury living. The city of San Antonio is only 13 miles away, and world class shopping is only 16 miles away at The Shops at La Cantera (including Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Armani & more).


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