The Guadalupe River, enchanting generations of Texans with its majestic beauty, is now part of everyday life for those who call Cordillera Ranch home. Canyon cliffs and towering Cypress trees rise overhead. A paddle rhythmically breaks the surface. You glide silently in your kayak, canoe or inner tube by huge limestone boulders. At The River Club, we offer the opportunity to explore the majestic beauty of the Guadalupe without the hassle of assembling the equipment required for the expedition. We can provide all the equipment you need for a solo journey or a guided family adventure and a cookout alongside the river at journey's end, if you desire. We take care of everything - packing, loading, cleanup - even a ride home.

For more information, please call The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch
at 830-336-9000 or contact: Shane Reynolds, Director of Outdoor Recreation & Outfitter, sreynolds@cordilleraranch.com, 830-336-4823 (GUAD)

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