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Preferred Builders


Cordillera Ranch has a select group of Preferred Builders which are approved to build homes in Cordillera Ranch. When you buy a lot, you are not required to build with one of our Preferred Builders. Learn about the benefits of using a Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builder HERE. The Cordillera Ranch Design Guidelines define the process of getting a non-preferred builder approved by the Architectural Review Committee.



1. Best resale value: In recent years, homes built by our Preferred Builders resold for a significant premium compared to those built by non-Preferred Builders. When you build your home don’t you want the confidence of knowing you’re using a builder that delivers the best quality AND resale value?

2. Trust: Making a commitment to build a new custom home requires the highest degree of trust in your builder. The Cordillera Ranch Preferred Builders have earned a great reputation of trust from past clients. Check out the testimonials throughout this book for more.

3. Highest Quality Craftsmanship: There is a reason these builders have been carefully selected to be part of the exclusive group of Preferred Builders: they are known for delivering the finest craftsmanship in the market. Their ability to deliver the best quality is reflected in the higher resale values.

4. Knowledge of the Cordillera Ranch Covenants: Cordillera Ranch enforces thorough and sometimes unique building restrictions in order to help keep a distinguished community appearance and protect property values. Choosing a builder that has extensive experience building in Cordillera Ranch will simplify your building process and save you time and money in the process. Preferred Builders have built approximately 2/3rds of the homes in Cordillera Ranch; get the benefit of their knowledge.

5. The People: Building a custom home is a personal process and can be a truly enjoyable experience if you’re working with the right people. The most common feedback we receive from home owners that have built with a Preferred Builder is that they had an excellent relationship with the builders’ entire team from designer to project manager and everything in between. Many people have forged long-lasting relationships with their Preferred Builder even after they’ve have moved into the home. Cordillera Ranch has a select group of Preferred Builders approved to build homes in Cordillera Ranch.

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